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Amatori terms of sales



  • The Capt. P. Amatori – Agenzia Marittima s.r.l. is a port agent that serves as a booking and information centre for the ferry boats of Jadrolinija Navigation Company.


  • Reservations may be made through one of the procedures described below:

A - by telephoning the number 071 2284100

B - by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected]

C - on-line at the site

Reservations made by remote information technology entail limitations and restrictions connected to the specific nature of the instrument used. For more info check the site,

The reservation request must specify the accommodations chosen by the passengers, plus the models, sizes and license-plate numbers of the motor vehicles brought onto the vessel.

The reservation request must also indicate, for each passenger, the first and last names, the number of an identifying document valid for leaving the country, the date of birth and any special care required.

The Maritime Agency is not responsible for any restrictions on leaving the country tied to the nationality of the passenger, whose responsibility is to obtain, before the departure, whatever information is necessary regarding the validity of his or her documents, plus the need for any entry visas, as well as any other information regarding his or her leaving and/or returning to Italian territory.


The hours of the information and reservation office are as follows:

From Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (April, May, June, July, August and September)

Any variation in the hours shall be communicated to the user or published on the site


Upon receipt of the request of reservation, the maritime Agency will provide, as soon as possible, to send a confirmation to the user with a bank statement and the related price.

The user shall send the balance within one month from the date of confirmation of the reservation and not later than 20 days up to the departure. Under no circumstances, the balance of the full price of the tickets may occur after the date of departure.

A failure to comply with the conditions allows the Agency the right to cancel the reservation without warning.

Payment may be carried out only following one of these options:

  1. By making a bank transfer on the bank account specified by the Shipping Agency; in this case, the customer should send the copy of the receipt of payment together with the bank transfer, by fax or email;
  2. By using credit card; this way of payment is the only one valid for online booking as stated in the instructions written on the site of Amatori. This option entails an instant payment of the booking.


After having received the payment, the Shipping Agency should send the ticket to the user, who shall show it for the check-in procedure at the port of departure.


Any variation or cancellation, either partial or total, of a confirmed reservation must reach the Maritime Agency far enough ahead of time, and in writing, during the normal office hours, as indicated above.

Any variation in the route, date, scheduled time or ticket-holder of the reservation is subject to payment of a penalty of € 15,00.

Each cancellation, total or partial, of a confirmed reservation shall be subject to withholding of the charges referred to under the general conditions of Jadrolinija Shipping Company.


The user is required to control, with the utmost attention, that the information on the reservation request is exact.

The Maritime Agency is not responsible for any errors or discrepancies in the date, route, size of the vehicles declared or passenger accommodations, nor for failure on the part of the customer to understand the procedures for issuing tickets or to meet the requirements for leaving the country.

The customer is scrupulously obliged to respect the payments time indicated on the statement.

The Maritime Agency shall inform the user of the general travelling conditions of the Navigation Company; the rights and the obligations of the passengers are regulated exclusively by the general conditions of Jadrolinija Company.


The Maritime Agency shall notify the user of all information regarding the cancellation or modification of scheduled voyages and of the related prices. These communications shall be made by fax or e-mail, or by means of publication on the site

The Maritime Agency bears no responsibility towards the user if it has fulfilled its information obligation, under the procedures indicated above, in a timely fashion.


Any dispute that may arise regarding the validity, effectiveness, interpretation or implementation of the present sales conditions and the resulting or underlying relations falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Ancona.


The sales conditions are valid until such time as the Maritime Agency communicates otherwise. The Maritime Agency is entitled to modify or revoke any and all of the conditions, having first communicated the fact to the user.

Updated on January, 2018