Maritime services

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Customs Shipments

Our customs shipping department combines a decade of experience with an high level of staff competences and the availability of large customs warehouses.


  • Definitive Exportations;
  • Temporary Exportations;
  • Triangulation Exportations;
  • Exportations under the outward processing procedure;
  • Exportations linked to transit;
  • Exportations linked to carnet Tir;
  • Exportations of materials destined to stock and/or equipment on board the ships


  • Definitive Importations;
  • Temporary Importations;
  • Importations under the inward processing regime;
  • Importations with goods introduction in the Customs Warehouse;
  • Importations with goods introduction in the VAT Warehouse;
  • Re-importations to discharge of exports;
  • Re-importations in grace period

Other services

  • Customs and tax deposits: we provide to our customers private customs warehouses of large size properties in the port area for temporary custody and/or VAT exemption
  • Temporary exportations/importations
  • Inward/outward processing
  • BTI request (Binding Tariff Information)
  • Presentation of customs declarations in domiciled procedure
  • Care of the whole customs process regarding new constructions in shipbuilding
  • Support for freight transport on containers and traditional means
  • CITES support: customs operations on freight with certificate C.I.T.E.S.
  • Helth assistance for freight subjected to permission USMAF (Italian office for maritime,air and border health)
  • Veterinary assistance P.I.F. (Border Inspection Posts) for subjected freight
  • Assistance for freight subjected to radiometric checks
  • Processing and presentation of INTRA statement - purchases and sales
  • Consultation for import and export
  • Consultation for obtaining AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification